Tough Mudder!

We’re alive! And fully recovered from the Tough Mudder at Mt. Snow, VT May 6th. No idea what a tough mudder is? Watch the official video here.

Our team dropped form 4 to 2, but Caleb and I both succesfully completed the 10 mile muddy run up the mountain, and it was INTENSE! I was never happier for all my training, as my quads barely made an appearance. My secret? I did a 2 hour double every Sunday morning – of body barre, and spin (including demanding workouts during the week). I also pulled a Michael Phelps and ate a loaf of gluten-free french toast the night before. (Well about 8 slices, as much as I could handle! Finished the rest in the AM). My triceps on the other hand? Lets just say I couldn’t drive a car for a few days..

We went through trenches, crawled through mud with barbed wire only 8 inches from the ground over our bodies, ran up a half pipe, through fire, and through live electrical wires shooting out 10,000 V of electricity. And that was only the beginning. We started out not knowing what was going on– one step, and your feet are landing on sharp rocks that could easily twist your ankle– another step and you’re up to your knees in mud. We had a quick rinse though, as we had to jump into a huge barrel FULL OF ICE and pull our heads under water to get under the wooden board that was in our way. It was nuts. I have never been more cold in my life – the last 3 miles my teeth chattered the entire way. I can never, truly again in my life, complain of being cold. No matter whats to come, it won’t have nothin’ on the Tough Mudder. Unless of course we go back next year, and it’s not 55 degrees out. (Yikes!)

It was so physically and mentally challenging, but we did it, and I am so proud of myself. When I was asked to sign up for it in January, I laughed and said I didn’t feel like dying any time soon. But I was convinced to sign the death waiver, and began my training. Now, after having finished injury free (thank god), I am searching for the next Mudder to sign up for. If you want a challenge, you should totally do it. Don’t say you can’t do it — a scrawny girl like me is living proof that if you put your mind to it, you can complete it. I went from 0 pushups to about 12, and no pull ups to a couple good ones. It all takes time, but you’ll get there.

^  this is the crazy mountain we ran up, and ^^ that’s the headband you get once you cross the finish line

 << & this is the delicious Vermont burger I proteined up on after the Mudder. Who knew how delicious a pineapple would be on a burger. YUMMMM!

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