Health 2.0 Spring Fling

May 14 & 15; Health 2.0 hosted their Spring Fling conference in Boston. We were honored to be one of 10 companies to demo during the Launch session (sponsored by AARP). After the rapid fire demo’s, the audience voted on their favorite company – and the winner is…. Thryve! As the winner, we get to demo at the San Francisco conference this fall. We are thrilled! Thank you so much to Health 2.0 and all of the support we got from the audience.

The conference was awesome. We met with many inspiring people, and got a sneak peek into the newest health care innovation – which is promising. For me, one of the best things that came out of the experience was seeing how many people there are who are passionate about the problems in health care. It is so refreshing to see people driven by their heart, who really have the right incentives for creating products. From making it easier to work with a dermatologist or find doctors, to a bathroom mat that detects ulcers on the feet of diabetics – there was a huge range of companies.

If you ever have the chance to see Jonathan Bush, CEO of AthenaHealth speak, GO! He was the keynote speaker at the conference. He is such a fun, animated speaker with tons of insight. From his impersonation of Scrappy Doo, to jumping all over the stage, he has a contagious energy that pours out from his heart.

Throughout the conference, we heard from some health care accelerators, investors, and saw some cool products in the exhibits and rolling demos. Word around town is that the San Francisco conference is huge, so I am especially pumped to see what more health care entrepreneurs are up to! All in all, we had a terrific day, we are super excited about the support we got, and can’t wait for the opportunity to demo live at the San Francisco conference.

Check out Health 2.0 and all the incredible things they are doing for healthcare startups:

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