The power is in your head..

I watched a really touching interview this morning with David Smith, known as the ‘650-Pound Virgin’ from the TLC documentary. In 2009 he lost 400lbs, and sadly, has gained back over 300 of them. (You can watch the video below). In his interview with Matta Lauer on “Today”, David talks about the struggles he faced internally after losing the weight. Which touches on a subject that we should all be aware of – as we transform our bodies, we are still the same person inside. Anything new is scary and unknown. Unless we work on our emotional and mental health, they will not change, and eventually, we’ll fall into our old, unhealthy habits.

As we all fight to reach our goals – whether that’s losing weight, completing a marathon, or finally eliminating food that makes you sick – it is so important that we work on our mental health, too. It’s really easy to feel sad and grab for more food, or wake up in the morning and decide you don’t ‘feel like’ going on your long run. It’s also scarily easy to say you’d rather eat something tasty and get sick, then not eat it. We need to be working on our state of mind while we learn new behaviors. And find that motivation every day – and on strong days, set ourselves up for success on bad days. That means something different for everyone.

For me, it took a while to learn but I got it. I figured out that in order to keep up my fitness routine, I need to have a larger goal. The Tough Mudder helped get my butt in the gym every week, otherwise I knew I would fall on my face when I crossed the starting line. I love the saying “Don’t let what you want right now get in the way of what you want overall”. But now that Tough Mudder is over, what do I want overall? I haven’t been sure, and it’s definitely shown in my workouts. Buttt, I think–I hope–I’m going to try, to run the Amica Half Marathon in Newport this October. I can physically run 13.1 miles no doubt. But can I mentally? We’ll see. (<— that’s my downfall, right there! Ahh!)

Best advice: find quotes that inspire you and hang them on your mirror. Find people struggling like you, and talk about the pain. Search for a compatible therapist, and talk through emotional pains in your life, maybe the source of whats keeping you from achieving your goals. Whatever you do, do it for you. Keep positive, supportive people in your life. And don’t give up. As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.”

Photo and original article, from HuffPost Healthy Living

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