Introducing Foster

We’re thrilled to introduce Foster, the newest addition to the Thryve product family. Foster is a medication management app that takes the pain out of organizing and tracking how and when you take meds.

Foster is live in the App Store today:

Foster makes it easy to organize your medication schedule, set reminders, and track how your meds make you feel. It also finds the cheapest prices for your medications and lets you share your recent medication history with those you trust. One special feature that makes Foster especially effective and simple to use is the Foster Tree. The tree gives you instant feedback on how you’re adhering to your prescription schedule. Take your meds consistently and as prescribed, the tree will flourish; miss doses and it will start to wither.

Our mission at Thryve is to build delightful products that help you take control of your health. We strongly believe that together, digital/mobile technology and design will transform our ability to live healthier lives. We’ve learned a lot bringing our mobile food coach to life. Foster applies that knowledge to another giant problem we care about deeply.

Thryve’s mobile food coach continues to be our primary focus and we expect more news on that product soon! But in the meantime, we’re very excited to release Foster and help you manage your medications. We hope you will download the app and let us know what you think!

To learn more about our mobile food coach, check it out here.

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