Thryve’s mission is to create innovative, well designed products that let people take control of their health.

Our flagship product, is the Thryve app on iOS. Thryve is a revolutionary mobile food coach. It is a new, visual way to track what you’re eating that doesn’t use calorie counting. Thryve focuses on the food groups you’re eating and suggests what to eat more of for a more balanced diet. You’ll get a score for every meal entered based on the nutritional content and how much you say you’re eating. You can also see how the way you eat compares to the average of all Thryve users. Thryve will check in with you a little while after you eat to see how you’re feeling, to help you figure out the best way to eat for your body.

We also have Foster, a medication management tool and pill reminder. Foster makes it easy to organize your medication schedule, set reminders, and track how your meds make you feel. It also finds the cheapest prices for your medications and lets you share your recent medication history with those you trust. One special feature that makes Foster especially effective and simple to use is the Foster Tree. The tree gives you instant feedback on how you’re adhering to your prescription schedule. Take your meds consistently and as prescribed, the tree will flourish; miss doses and it will start to wither.

Meet the founders:

Caleb Oller, CEO, Lead Engineer / @caleboller / caleb@thryveco.com
Caleb is a technologist, lazy paleo eater, and a proponent of the data driven, quantified self movement. He taught himself to program C++ at the age of 15 and hasn’t stopped programming since. Previously Caleb has worked at software consulting firms, digital agencies, and led engineering efforts at two startups, Periscape and Floop. Caleb currently does all the engineering at Thryve, from scaleable services in the cloud to iPhone applications.
Nicole Mercer, CCO / @miss_diagnosed / nicole@thryveco.com
Nicole graduated from the Industrial Design department at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in 2011. She has a passion for design and innovation, especially in the health industry. After being really sick for 12 years, she learned of her gluten, dairy, and soy intolerances, and that she has GERD. She turned this experience into a positive effort to help others learn more about their own bodies, get healthy, and feel the best they ever have. Nicole is currently the Chief Creative Officer at Thryve, where she leads all things design.

Contact us at founders@thryveco.com

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